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Lady Gaga Reportedly Offered $1 Million to Perform at RNC

Lady Gaga was allegedly offered $1 million  to perform at the Republican National Convention last summer, according to a lawsuit filed by the Republican fundraising and advocacy group, American Action Network.

The Washington Examiner reports the AAN is suing the entertainment vendor of the convention.

Gaga wasn’t the only superstar to turn down the seven figure offer. Country star Dolly Parton and rapper Pitbull also declined to perform.

Gaga fundraised for President Obama and later performed with Tony Bennett at a White House staff inauguration ball in January.

The convention eventually hired Kid Rock and Journey to play during the festivities.

The RNC issued the following statement:

“A story in yesterday’s Washington Examiner unfortunately left many people with the impression that the RNC had asked Lady Gaga and other artists to play at the Republican National Convention.    To be clear, the RNC neither asked, offered, thought of or ever considered the idea of Lady Gaga performing at our convention. And clearly, we didn’t offer a million dollars.”

AAN also issued a statement that is posted on the RNC’s website:

“In planning for our fundraiser in Tampa, e-mails we’re exchanged between AAN fundraising staff and outside vendors exploring various performance options.  AAN is an independent group and is no way affiliated with or connected to the RNC nor was the RNC ever privy to these internal discussions. We considered some acts and didn’t seriously consider others, but we were ultimately happy with a great Kid Rock concert. Our events were independent from the official convention and the RNC.”