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Patricia Heaton Campaigns for Romney in Ohio

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.com

Actress Patricia Heaton stumped for the Romney-Ryan campaign in North Canton, Ohio on Friday, reports the Los Angeles Times.

“I get the pleasure of introducing our next vice president,” Heaton said. “I have to tell you, backstage I didn’t recognize him with his shirt on. And I did wear orange not only because I’m a Browns fan, but I was afraid Paul would have his shotgun. I just wanted to make sure he knew I was here and where I was standing.  Didn’t want to get any buckshot.”

Although an Ohio native, Heaton now lives in California and explained the hardships the state is dealing with.

“I live out in California, it’s a beautiful state with a lot of beautiful resources and wonderful people but it’s being run into the ground,” Heaton said. “The taxes are out of control in California, the jobs are going down, businesses are fleeing, and that’s happening all around the country as you know.”

Heaton praised Mitt Romney as a job creator and said she believes he can turn things around.

“On Nov. 6 we have an opportunity to vote for someone who has been a successful job creator in the private sector,” Heaton said. “We have an opportunity to vote for someone who, as governor, brought both parties together and turned a deficit into a surplus and balanced the budget. We have an opportunity to vote for a team who believes in the greatness of this country, who believes that everybody should have a shot at the American dream and who will set politics aside to do what is right for the American people.”

Heaton is one of the few prominent conservatives in Hollywood. She recently attended a fundraiser for Romney in Beverly Hills.

On Thursday the Meatloaf and country singers Big and Rich campaigned with Romney in Defiance, Ohio.


Hollywood Conservatives Help Romney Raise $6 Million Over The Weekend

Hollywood conservatives came out swinging for GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Saturday at the Beverly Hilton, reports Deadline Hollywood.

Nearly 1,500 supporters showed up for the Romney fundraiser, where tickets went for $1,000, $15,000 and $50,000, raising a total of $6 million for the campaign.

The attendees included producer Jerry Bruckheimer and wife Linda, CSI: NY’s Gary Sinise, Everybody Loves Raymond’s Patricia Heaton, John O’Hurley, comedian Dennis Miller, Warner Bros chair Terry Semel, Burt Sugarman, music producer David Foster and Frank Price with wife Katherine.

Romney and wife Ann addressed the crowd, and the former governor thanked Miller who introduced him.

“I want to thank Dennis Miller for not just the humor, but the truth in the humor,” Romney said. “Much of what he said tonight, much of what he said was very encouraging and uplifting.”

Romney said there are more conservatives in Hollywood than people think.

“I know in some of the communities around this particular hotel it’s hard to let people know you’re conservative without them looking at you funny,” Romney said, before noting that he had lunch with “a very famous actor — very famous.  Very liberal.  I won’t tell you his name or he’d shoot me… He pulled me aside, he said, ‘In this town, you really can’t get work unless you’re known as a liberal,’ and he said, ‘But no one knows how I really vote.’  And there are a lot of people that feel that way.”

The event was so successful that sources told Deadline that Romney will return to Los Angeles after the first debate, which is scheduled for Oct. 3.

This comes after the Obama campaign announced a star-studded lineup for his  Oct. 7 concert fundraiser at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles, which include performers Jon Bon Jovi, Stevie Wonder, Katy Perry, Earth, Wind and Fire and Jennifer Hudson.