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Elton John and Katy Perry Serenade Clintons


Elton John, Katy Perry and Andra Day rocked out at a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton at Radio City Music Hall Wednesday night.

“I’m not voting for her because she’s a woman,” Perry said, according to Variety. “I’m voting for her because she’s the right person for the job.”

“This election feels very personal to me, and I think it feels very personal to a lot of people here, and I know there’s a lot at stake,” said Perry. “So I think we need to elect a president that can do all parts of the job, including being commander-in-chief. A person that is strong but also a human… that looks out for us and our needs, our basic human rights and needs, which I can’t believe are still in question in 2016.”

Perry previously campaigned and performed for Clinton in Iowa ahead of the state’s caucuses.

Jamie Foxx and Julianne Moore also made appearances.

“Hillary has always fought for us, and now it’s our turn to fight for her,” Moore said.

Tickets for the fundraiser ranged from $125 to $2,700. Other celebs in attendance included Orlando Bloom and Neil Patrick Harris, as well as Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton.


Julianne Moore and Mary J. Blige in Planned Parenthood Video

Actress Julianne Moore and singer Mary J. Blige star in a new Planned Parenthood video praising President Obama for his stances on women’s rights.

Celebrities Make Final Obama Push

A handful of celebrities hit the campaign trail over the weekend for one final push to reelect President Obama on November 6.

Actors Jon Hamm and Bryan Greenberg campaigned for Obama in Nevada. Greenberg tweeted this photo and stated: “Jon Hamm and I. Two St. Louis boys who want you to vote.”

Jon Hamm and Bryan Greenberg. Photo credit: Bryan Greenberg http://instagram.com/p/RVcltaqt5P/

Actors Ben MckenzieZachary Quinto and ‘The Hangover’ stars Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Ken Jeong were also campaigning in Nevada.

Actress Julianne Moore campaigned for Obama in New Hampshire and tweeted some photos while on the trail.

Julianne Moore
Photo credit: Julianne Moore @_juliannemoore

Actress Eva Longoria traveled around Florida over the weekend and encouraged people to vote early.

Eva Longoria Photo credit: Eva Longoria @EvaLongoria

Bruce Springsteen performed for the Obama campaign in Pittsburgh, while James Taylor joined President Obama in New Hampshire and played a few songs. Meanwhile, singer Alicia Keys stumped for the president in North Carolina.

Hollywood Women Rally for Obama

Some of the biggest female names in Hollywood have come together in a new Obama campaign video to enthuse the female demographic. Among them are Jane Lynch, Eva Longoria, Beyoncé Knowles, Julianne Moore, Julianna Margulies, Olivia Wilde, Gloria Steinem, Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Judd, Sheryl Crow, Cecile Richards, Padma Lakshmi and Kerry Washington

Julianne Moore Dings Sarah Palin in Emmy Speech

Actress Julianne Moore took home the Emmy for her role as former Gov. Sarah Palin in HBO’s “Game Change” on Sunday evening.

“I feel so validated because Sarah Palin gave me a big thumbs down,” Moore said when accepting her Emmy.

Backstage, Moore said the film was more about the politics rather than the person she portrayed.

“Isn’t as much about Palin as the political process and in an election year, this was an examination of how we pick our leaders,” Moore said.

“Game Change” was widely panned by conservatives because most of the stars and writers of the film have liberal views. Moore attended an Obama fundraiser last summer. The film was based off of a book by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin that detailed the presidential campaigns of both parties in 2008.

Nathan Lane to Host Obama Fundraiser

The Obama campaign has tapped celebrities such as George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mark Anthony to host fundraisers for the president. After being out-fundraised by the Romney campaign in June, the Obama team has tapped actor Nathan Lane to host an event, according to the NY Post.

The event will take place at at the Bridgehampton home of Ellen Chesler and Matthew Mallow. Vice President Joe Biden will be in attendance at the Aug. 24 event, dubbed “East End for Obama.” The fundraiser will also include a performance by James Taylor and other hosts include actress Julianne Moore, “Sopranos” star Edie Falco and Jane Holzer.

Tickets for the event range from $500 to $10,000, with larger donors getting the opportunity to take a picture with Biden.