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Gwyneth Paltrow to Host Obama Fundraiser

Gwyneth Paltrow at an Obama fundraiser in London in 2012.  Photocredit: Startraks

Gwyneth Paltrow at an Obama fundraiser in London in 2012.
Photocredit: Startraks

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is set to host a fundraiser for President Barack Obama at her Los Angeles home on Oct. 9, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The event was planned by the Democratic National Committee. Tickets for the event range from $1,000 to $32,400.

This is not the first time the Academy Award-winning actress has raised money for Obama. In September 2012, Paltrow co-hosted a fundraiser for the president in London with Vogue’s Anna Wintour. Other attendees included Cameron Diaz and designer Tom Ford.

Obama recently attended a fundraiser at the Los Angeles home of Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes.


Updated: Grimes Garners Hollywood Support

UPDATE April 13, 2014: 

The list of Grimes’ Hollywood supporters continues to grow. The Hill reported in late October that Danny DeVito, Jack Black, Jon Hamm, Nicolas Cage, Jerry Seinfeld, Cameron Diaz, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mike Meyers, James Cameron, Steven Speilberg, and J.J. Abrams all gave the maximum $5,200 to Grimes’ campaign. Chris Rock and Ted Danson contributed $5,000. Actor Ben Stiller gave $2,500, Barbra Streisand and Aaron Sorkin contributed $1,000, while Woody Allen and Leonard Nimoy gave $500 each, according to FEC filings.

After a closer look the FEC filings, there are a few more names to add to the list: Nicholas Cage, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Judd Apatow, Rhea Perlman, Mark Burnett, Kate Capshaw, Norman Lear, David Geffen, Ari Emanuel, and Leslie Mann all donating $5,200. Veteran actor Kirk Douglas gave $5,000, Ron Meyer and America Ferrera gave $2,600, Bryan Cranston gave $2,500, Rob Reiner gave $1,250, Renee Zellweger and Kathleen Kennedy gave $1,000, and Nancy Sinatra gave $250.

Stay tuned as more FEC filings become public.

Original post: Sept. 12, 2013

Even though the 2014 elections are more than a year away, Hollywood liberals have already begun fundraising and supporting Democratic candidates. Rising Democratic star and Kentucky Senate candidate, Alison Lundergan Grimes, is the most recent favorite of Hollywood mega-donors.

The Hill reports Dreamworks’ Jeffrey Katzenberg sent an email to prominent Democratic donors stating that there was “no more important election being held next year in this country” and urged donors to support the Kentucky Secretary of State when she travels to California this month.

Katzenberg isn’t the only Hollywood-type to lend his support. Pop star will.i.am. is set to appear at a Grimes fundraiser in coming weeks.

Grimes is running against Republican Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell, who is running for a sixth term.

Grimes is the second Democratic candidate to gain Hollywood support for the next election cycle. Newark Mayor Cory Booker (the Democratic candidate in New Jersey’s special election on October 16) has received a large amount of support from the Hollywood community – including fundraisers held by Oprah Winfrey, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon and Steven Spielberg.

Democratic supporters hope Hollywood’s interest can bring attention and money to the uphill battle of defeating one of the longest-serving Senators currently in the Senate chamber.

Hollywood ‘Demands A Plan’ On Gun Control

Dozens of Hollywood celebrities star in a new video in support for gun control for the campaign “Demand A Plan” that is sponsored by Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Some of the celebrities include: Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, Paul Rudd, Courtney Cox, Jamie Foxx, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Amy Poehler, Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Will Ferrell, Jennifer Garner, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Rock, Selena Gomez, Conan O’Brien, Carmelo Anthony and more.

The video comes one week after the Newtown school shootings that left 27 people dead, including 20 children.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns was cofounded in 2006 by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. Their website states that the group is a bipartisan coalition of 800 mayors throughout the country that advocate for the prevention of gun violence.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz Attend Obama Fundraiser in London

Actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz arrive at the Obama Victory Fund 2012 event in London on Sept. 19, 2012. Photo credit: Matt Herbert (@sherbert1707)

Some of the world’s most famous fashion icons gathered in London Wednesday night for a private Obama fundraiser.

The Obama Victory Fund 2012 event was held at the exclusive Mark’s club in Mayfair. The bash was hosted by Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, designer Tom Ford and actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Obama’s 2008 campaign manager David Plouffe was also in attendance.

Paltrow arrived around 7:30 p.m. with actress Cameron Diaz. Other guests included Downton Abbey’s Elizabeth McGovernNatalie Massenet, founder of Net-a-Porter and new chair of the British Fashion Council and Elizabeth Saltzman, international social editor of Vanity Fair, according to The Guardian.

The exclusive gathering included 25 guests who paid $15,000 each to attend. The hosts shelled out $40,000 for the president’s victory fund.