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Julie Bowen Explains Why Ann Romney May Like ‘Modern Family’

Steve Granitz/WireImage

‘Modern Family’ actress Julie Bowen explained why she believes Ann Romney named the show her favorite during the election, in the Metro UK.

What do you think of the fact Michelle Obama and Ann Romney have both namechecked Modern Family as their favourite show? 

I think it’s great that two such diverse groups of people watch the show. I think that having Jay [Ed O’Neill] in the show gives people a set of eyes to watch with, particularly those who are more conservative or old-fashioned. It gives Ann Romney her way into the show. Yes, his son is gay, yes, his son has a partner and they have a child – he accepts it but was it his first choice? No. Does he love it if they are touching each other? No. And I think that’s also Ann Romney’s way of letting us know she had to say and do things she doesn’t really believe for the election.

Mary Hart at NFRW With Ann Romney and Jenna Ryan

Former ‘Entertainment Tonight’ host Mary Hart hosted a luncheon at the National Federation of Republican Woman at the RNC in Tampa at the end of August. Both Ann Romney and Jenna Ryan (wives of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan) spoke at the lunch. In the video, the daughter-in-laws of Ann Romney speak.

Hart, married to Hollywood producer Burt Sugarman have been staunch Republican supporters over the years. Hart has contributed to Republican candidates and Sugarman recently attended a fundraiser for Mitt Romney in Beverly Hills.

Elizabeth Banks Hopes Ann Romney Never Becomes First Lady

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Actress Elizabeth Banks passively expressed her presidential preference in an interview with Movefone.com.

Since we’re talking politics, would you play another political spouse? Do you have your eye on playing Ann Romney?
“I am hoping Ann Romney is never a first lady. But no, I don’t have my eye on anybody right now. We’ll see.”

Banks was discussing her new movie People Like Us. She played Laura Bush in the movie W.