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Amy Poehler Fundraising For Sen. Al Franken


Michael Kovac/WireImage

Actress Amy Poehler is hosting a fundraiser for Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn) in Los Angles on April 24, according to a fundraising email sent out by the Franken campaign.

Both Poehler and Franken are former “Saturday Night Live” actors and writers. As the trend goes, the Franken campaign is raffling off tickets to the fundraiser for a few lucky supporters who donate a minimum of $5 to the senator’s reelection bid.

The “Parks and Recreation” actress isn’t the only celebrity Franken has enlisted to help out in his reelection campaign. MinnPost reports the Franken campaign also raffled off tickets to Franken fundraisers featuring Conan O’Brien and Jon Hamm, as well as singer Paul Simon. However, the Simon fundraiser was cancelled due to the government shutdown.

Franken has brought in many donations from entertainment personnel and SNL alum this election cycle, including contributions from Lorne Michaels, Lily Tomlin, Buck Henry, Steve Martin, Will Forte, Tim Meadows, Kevin Nealon, Blythe Danner, Carl Reiner, Kevin Kline, Jane Curtin and Ed Harris, according to FEC reports.

The Minnesota Senate race is likely to be competitive, as it was in 2008 when Franken ousted Sen. Norm Colman by a little over 300 votes. Top Republican candidates include financial executive Mike McFadden and Minnesota state Sen. Julianne Ortman. Franken currently has a campaign war chest of $2.7 million.


Willie Nelson Playing at Wendy Davis BBQ


Taylor Hill/Stringer/Getty Images Entertainment

Texas gubernatorial candidate, Wendy Davisannounced last week that Willie Nelson will be playing at a BBQ fundraiser for her campaign on April 27 in Houston.

Supporters can enter a raffle for a chance to win an invite to the event. A minimum donation of $5 is required. 

Davis, who faces Republican Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott in November, has been trailing in recent polls

In the past, Nelson has been politically outspoken on marijuana, LGBT rights and the Iraq War.

A-List Donors Contribute to Bobby Shriver’s LA County Supervisor Bid

Bobby Shriver, former Santa Monica City Councilman and nephew of President John F. Kennedy’s, reported a huge fundraising haul with tons of A-List donors, in his bid for the Los Angeles County supervisor seat, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Hollywood donors include Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jimmy Iovine, Warren Beatty, Jessica Alba, Chris O’Donnell, Rob Lowe, Larry David, Ted Danson, Joan Cusack, Harvey Keitel, Renee Zellweger, Michael Douglas, J.J. Abrams, Rob Reiner and Cameron CroweShriver also took donations from some of Hollywood’s biggest power players, including Steven SpielbergJeffrey Katzenberg, David Geffen, Bob Iger, Jim Gianopulos, Kevin Tsujihara, HBO’s Michael Lombardo, Disney’s Sean Bailey, 20th Century Fox’s Jennifer Carreras, Alan Horn, and Nicole Avant, according to THR. 

George Soros, Warren Buffett and Steve Bing also contributed.

Last week, Shriver stressed the need to reform the county’s campaign finance laws and criticized the $1.4 million voluntary spending cap. He argued that amount of money wasn’t enough to spread his message, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Shriver, a Democrat, will face Sheila Kuehl, Pamela Conley Ulich and John Duran in the June 3 primary.


Robert Redford Defends Obama

Actor Robert Redford Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

Robert Redford fears little progress will be made in combatting climate change in the remainder of President Obama’s second term.

“Am I disappointed in the outcome? Somewhat, not entirely,” Redford told The Hollywood Reporter. “You have to look at what [President Obama]’s up against. There’s never been a more paralyzed system to try to work with.”

Redford attended the launch of Pitzer College’s new environmental initiative that involves a fossil fuel divestment climate-action model. He slammed the current state of politics after the event on April 12.

“There’s too much partisan warfare. It’s sad,” he said.

The veteran actor has been an outspoken environmental activist and endorsed Obama in 2012.

Obama Snubs Kim Kardashian’s Support

In the heated weeks leading up to the 2012 election, it seemed Team Obama was using Hollywood’s profuse support to its advantage. Whether it was starring in campaign videos, hosting fundraisers or sending celebs out on the campaign trail,  it seemed like every celeb was helping the President in his reelection bid.

Well, everyone except Kim Kardashian.

RadarOnline reports that President Obama and his campaign “wanted nothing to do with her,” according to an inside source.  

Apparently Kardashian was eager to publicly help Obama get reelected, but the campaign allegedly denied her support. “She was not the young, cool, image they wanted to portray at all. Even though she kept asking, the campaign would never let her do anything in an official capacity.”

The source went on to say Kardashian was “political poison” and her support “is the last thing people who are serious about getting elected want.”

The news is interesting, given Kardashian claimed she was an undecided voter in September 2012. This isn’t the first time the Obama campaign refused a celeb’s endorsement. During the 2008 election, Lindsay Lohan reportedly offered her assistance to Obama, but the campaign politely declined.

Kardashian and her family have been vocal supporters and opponents of Obama. At the 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner, Kim noted that the Kardashian kids were Democrats, and huge supporters of Obama, while her parents were Republicans.

In August 2013, Obama slammed Kim and Kanye West in an interview, saying their wealth and lifestyles weren’t marks of success.

Kris Jenner, Kardashian’s mother, responded to the President’s comments on her talkshow, saying “I bet the president has some friends with 10,000-square-foot houses and you probably wouldn’t mind going over there, Mr. President while you were asking them to have a party for you when you were campaigning for dollars to run for president.” See the entire clip below.

Kardashian’s fiance, Kanye West, ranted against Obama at a concert in 2013 in response to the comments.

The President and West have had a colorful history. Obama called West a “jackass” in 2009, after his actions at the MTV Video Music Awards. Despite the diss, West attended an Obama reelection fundraiser in Paris in 2012.

Bruce Jenner, Kardashian’s stepfather, slammed Obama when he won the Nobel Peace prize in 2009.

The Obama-Kardashian-West-Jenner relationship is a roller coaster. The pop-culture president vs. the pop-culture family.