Geena Davis Makes Presidential Endorsement

Credit: ABC “Commander in Chief”

Actress Geena Davis endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in 2016, reports Politico.

“Along with [most] of humanity, I fervently hope that she will run for president,” Davis told POLITICO. “We don’t want a female president just in fiction.”

Davis played president in the ABC drama, “Commander in Chief.” The actress said more women need to be involved in politics.

“There are far too few women in elected office … We’re far, far away from where we should be and it’s not right and it’s something that we have to make change faster than it would happen in the sort of natural course of time,” Davis said.

Davis joins Dustin Hoffman, Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Bolton on Clinton’s list of 2016 supporters.

2 responses to “Geena Davis Makes Presidential Endorsement

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  2. Gonna what happened?

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