Letterman Addresses Palin Daughter Joke/Apology

Comedian David Letterman opened up to Oprah Winfrey about a controversial joke he made about former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin‘s daughter in 2009, in an interview that aired Sunday on OWN.

“I felt like Sarah Palin was somebody I wanted to continue to be able to make fun of and I felt like if I don’t apologize — if I don’t sincerely express my regret — I will not be able to go forward making fun of her,” Letterman said.

After a photo of the Palin and daughter Willow attended a New York Yankees game, Letterman joked that the former vice presidential candidate’s daughter had been “knocked up” by baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

Letterman said he regrets mistaking the younger Willow for older sister Bristol.

“I felt bad for the [then] 14-year-old. You know, that was just like, ‘Nice going. You got the wrong daughter.’ That was just a stupid joke that was dumb luck and got worse,” Letterman said.


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