Bono Lauds Obama Win; Meets With Biden

Photo by Pete Souza courtesy of the White House

Bono praised Americans for reelecting President Obama, reports the Associated Press.

“Congratulations are in order not just for turning out in record numbers – and forgetting politics for a minute – but for electing an extraordinary man as president,” Bono said. “I think you have to say that whatever your political tradition.”

The U2 frontman spoke at the Global Social Enterprise Initiative at Georgetown University. During his speech, Bono noted the close connection between politics and poverty, and urged U.S. politicians to think wisely about upcoming fiscal decisions and the consequences they may have.

“Cuts can cost the lives of the poorest of the poor,” he said. “It shouldn’t be a hard case to make, but it is right now. In the halls of Congress, the Senate, maybe here in Healy Hall. But I put it to you we must not let this economic recession become a moral recession. That would become a double cruelty.”

Update: Bono met with Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday at the White House according to the VP’s office and Twitter feed.

Photo credit: The White House

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