Jennifer Lopez to Latinos: Vote Obama

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez encourages Latino voters to vote for President Obama on November 6 in a new Youtube video.

“He knows what it’s like to for families who are struggling to make ends meet and make a better life for their kids,” Lopez says. “That’s why he’s taking steps to support the Latino community every day. Like investing in the Pell grants that give hundreds of thousands of Latino students a shot at a college education. He’s  fighting to keep Latino families out of poverty. And he put the first Latina on the Supreme Court.”

“President Obama has had our back from the beginning,” Lopez says. “So it’s time we get his.”

Lopez recently attended a fundraiser for the president in Paris.

2 responses to “Jennifer Lopez to Latinos: Vote Obama

  1. AMERICANS STAY ON THE PATH!!!! .But friends,

    We must not be enemies:

    From Abraham Lincoln,

    First Inaugural Address, March 1861.

    I’m saddened that the government is failing us. As I lay in the hospital with a chronic illness, I am in a state of shock and disappointment. How could this have happened? The violence of this magnitude evolves out of prejudice based on ignorance, fear, and misunderstanding about minority groups and other groups who are different from us. As a leader, you don’t’ cause division, you develop unity

    Our worst fears were confirmed at the appointment of Mitt Romney selected to run for president of the United States, An individual whom manipulates our belief and honorable trust in a way that is very shameful, In which only brings shame and disgust to our nation, Mitt Romney and his party have created division among us, Can you imagine what he would do if he is selected not elected? I have listed a few qualifying factors involving a true leader. A true leader is given not only as a responsibility, foremost as an honor. Not only do you need to be able to make sound decisions
    , but you also need to be willing to be held accountable to them. A leader is the beginning of a chain reaction–once it’s begun, you can step away and it’ll continue to happen without any effort on your part.(“Sounds familiar Mitt Romney”)

    American people travel with me; Let’s put on President Obama shoes for a moment. “You work hard every day, but you don’t feel your boss or your workplace recognize your efforts. You can’t remember the last time anyone thanked you for being willing to stick with things until they improved, Despite of all the challenges that you faced in which were no fault of yours. You remain and display a sign of strength, you keeping striving toward the ultimate solution. You saw a problem, you saw a potential solution, and took the steps to getting to the solution. The solution is a personal one, and will take some time to get it going, due to all the barriers in place by the opponent, It slows you down, but doesn’t stop you. Therefore; you continue stepping in the right direction, you finally successfully achieve the progress of that goal ,by breaking past the barriers and working nonstop to find an active solution. Someone makes a decision to give all your strong achievements to someone else, someone who may not be able to handle that much, or doesn’t tend to handle stress well at all. Americans please take a step back, look at things from a bit more a removed perspective, and try again from the beginning, let’s not add more stress by trusting our lives in the hands of a stranger. {Would you trust a man or woman with Mitt Romney characteristic on a first date with your children?} If no, How can you trust him to keep them safe when sleeping? Let’s Unite together and remind everyone that we are proud to be an American and it’s about doing the right thing, I challenge you to purchase T-Shirts, Pushing Forward with OBAMA, {We are Americans and together we stand, divided we shall fall, } Let’s stand with the one whom fought for us all!!{“Remember the anthrax in the mail, 911 is still so clear, } Once this stranger is allowed in, remember it takes four years to get him out. {We teach our kids not to open doors to a stranger; “Should we put our lives in an inconsistent stranger hands?”} Americans are wise, we go with whom we know and trust.

    Obama has been pushing us forward and we have to be true and fair. Let’s keep pushing forward and utilize the chance to continue the path we are on with someone we know… That’s one of the best things about having a chance to step back or to start over; if you have motivation again, anything and everything can be possible.

    Respectfully Submitted;

    M R

    Disabled with pre- existing condition

    47 years old.

    (Vote for Obama Care


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