Jeff Foxworthy Campaigns for Romney

Photo: Win McNamee Getty Images

Comedian and television host Jeff Foxworthy campaigned for the Romney campaign in Colorado Springs on Saturday.

Foxworthy discussed a variety of topics including the national debt and economy.

“It’s a disaster, it’s exactly the formula for what has happened to Greece and what’s happening to Spain right now, we cannot sustain this,” Foxworthy said. “We have to put people back to work, we have to get control of this national debt, and if we don’t our kids are not gonna know the same country that we knew.”

Foxworthy advocated for the Romney/Ryan ticket, and said they were the candidates that could improve the economy and get people back to work.

“It’s time for somebody that understands business to get in and run the biggest business in the world, which is the government of the U.S., and put people back to work and cut this runaway debt,” Foxworthy said.

Local media affiliates noted that many in the crowd were dressed in bright orange hunting attire and the comedian addressed the issue of conservation.

“It’s like Clint Eastwood said. This country is ours. We own this country, we own this land. I don’t want somebody cutting it off from public use or making it national monuments. It’s our land. The right to hunt and fish, somebody died for that somewhere,” Foxworthy said.

Foxworthy slammed the Obama campaign for not focusing on the issues at hand.

“This election is not about Big Bird, and it’s not about binders, it’s about jobs,” Foxworthy said. “It’s about people losing 30-40 percent of their net worth, it’s about people being out of work for years and years, it’s about the national debt.”

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