Robert Redford Makes Presidential Endorsement

Actor Robert Redford recently wrote an op-ed to The Huffington Post explaining why he’s supporting President Obama over Mitt Romney.

Redford, known for his environmental activism, argues Obama has installed many green policies and has achieved many positive environmental goals during his first term.

“Shortly after taking office, President Obama signed one of the largest expansions of wilderness protection in a generation, setting aside more than 2 million acres as protected wilderness, conserving more than 1,000 miles of rivers, authorizing a 26-million-acre conservation system of historically significant landscapes and adding thousands of miles of trails. He’s helping restore treasured landscapes from coast to coast that support local economies and communities through tourism and outdoor recreation.

The President has set historic standards that by 2025 will double the distance our cars and trucks will be able to go on a tank of gas, reducing our reliance on foreign oil by 2.2 million barrels per day and saving each of us thousands of dollars at the pump.

He made the single largest investment in clean energy of any other president, helping to double the amount of electricity we generate from wind and solar, strengthening our global economic competitiveness and supporting nearly a quarter of a million American jobs.”

Redford writes that Mitt Romney will undo many of Obama’s environmental policies if elected president.

“We’ve seen in the last stretch of this campaign that Romney will say anything to win, even if it’s flat-out false. But we know what the real Mitt Romney would do. He’d gut investments in renewable energy — including the wind production tax credit that 37,000 American jobs depend on — while giving $4 billion a year in wasteful taxpayer subsidies to Big Oil, even as they reap near-record profits. It’s no coincidence that those same special interests have donated nearly $11 million to Romney’s campaign and the super PACs behind it.”

Read the full op-ed here.

Earlier this year, Redford praised Obama for rejecting the Keystone pipeline and made an argument for clean energy.


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