Michelle Obama Attends Star-Studded Park Avenue Fundraiser

First Lady Michelle Obama attended a ritzy Park Avenue fundraiser in New York City on Wednesday, reports POLITICO.

Celebrity attendees included: Sigourney Weaver, Chris Rock, James Earl Jones, Blair Underwood, Cynthia Nixon, Sam Waterston, Cherry Jones, Geena Davis and Jeffrey Wright. Director Mike Nichols, husband of Diane Sawyer, was also in attendance.

The 350 guests in attendance paid $1,000 per ticket. Prior to Obama’s speech, some of the actors, (many who had coincidentally played presidents or first ladies on screen), read some classic selections from Twain, Whitman and Morrison about America.

A short time after the readings, Obama went on stage and expressed her regret for missing the readings.

“Everybody goes, ‘You’ve got a great event. This person is going to be there!'” Obama joked.  “And I’m like, am I going to be there? ‘No, actually, you’re going to miss everything.’ So was the case tonight.”

photo credits: Getty Images

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