UPDATE: Jay-Z and Beyoncé Hosting Obama Fundraiser

Update: The Obama campaign confirmed that the couple will be hosting the fundraiser for the president. Similar to other huge Hollywood fundraisers for Obama (George Clooney’s and Sarah Jessica Parker’s), the average person could donate a minimum of $3 for a chance to win an invite to the bash.

The Obama campaign sent out an email from Beyoncé, inviting supporters to enter the raffle that ended at midnight on Sept. 14.

Rapper Jay-Z and wife Beyoncé are set to host an Obama fundraiser at the rapper’s 40/40 Club on Sept. 18, reports the New York Post.

Tickets for the event will run at $40,000 to dine with the president and the couple. The event will be limited to 100 guests. Earlier that day, Obama is set to attend a special reception where families can pose for a photo with him after they contribute $12,500.

Previously, Beyoncé expressed her love for First Lady Michelle Obama in a letter and video. The couple were also big Obama supporters in 2008.



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