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Obama: George Clooney A “Wonderful Guy”

Photo credit: Obama Campaign

President Obama said actor George Clooney is a “wonderful guy” in an interview with  Entertainment Tonight that will air Monday.

“The truth is we got to know each other because of a substantive issue,” Obama said. “He is a terrific advocate on behalf of the people of Darfur, and to the people of Sudan who’ve been brutalized for a long time. And so when I was a senator — this was well before I was president — that was an issue that I was working together on a bipartisan basis, and George, who had traveled there, done documentaries there, and was very well-informed, came to testify in Congress. And so we got to know each other, and he is a good man, and a good friend.”

In the interview, wife Michelle Obama joked that she believes it’s a “conspiracy”  that she’s never around when Clooney comes to town.

“Michelle is always frustrated because a lot of the events that George has been involved in, for some reason, she has something else going on,” Barack said.

In May, Clooney proved his friendship to Obama by hosting a $15 million fundraiser for him at his Los Angeles home. Clooney is also set to host another Obama fundraiser in Switzerland in late August, with tickets starting at $1,000 per attendee.

Rage Against The Machine Rages Against Paul Ryan

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello unloaded on GOP Vice-Presidential nominee Paul Ryan in a column for Rolling Stone.

He begins his column blasting Ryan for not understanding the band or its music, much like Charles Manson was a huge fan of The Beatles but didn’t understand them and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen but doesn’t understand him.

The guitarist blasts Ryan on the fact that his views are opposite of Rage’s music.

“Ryan claims that he likes Rage’s sound, but not the lyrics,” Morello said. “Well, I don’t care for Paul Ryan’s sound or his lyrics. He can like whatever bands he wants, but his guiding vision of shifting revenue more radically to the one percent is antithetical to the message of Rage.”

Morello continues, zinging Ryan on which song is his favorite.

“I wonder what Ryan’s favorite Rage song is?” Morello writes. “Is it the one where we condemn the genocide of Native Americans? The one lambasting American imperialism? Our cover of “Fuck the Police”? Or is it the one where we call on the people to seize the means of production? So many excellent choices to jam out to at Young Republican meetings!”

The musician goes on.

“Don’t mistake me, I clearly see that Ryan has a whole lotta “rage” in him: A rage against women, a rage against immigrants, a rage against workers, a rage against gays, a rage against the poor, a rage against the environment,” Morello said. “Basically the only thing he’s not raging against is the privileged elite he’s groveling in front of for campaign contributions.”

Kelsey Grammer On Emmy Snub: It’s Because I’m A Republican

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Actor Kelsey Grammer discussed his Emmy-snub for his hit-show Boss on Starz with Jay Leno on Tuesday.

Grammer, 57, won a Golden Globe last January for his role in Boss. When Leno pressed why he was overlooked for an Emmy nomination, Grammer said it might have to do with his political views.

“It’s a question that will remain one for me throughout the ages,” Grammer said. “It may have to do with several things, honestly, but I think it’s possible. I mean, I’m a declared out-of-the-closet Republican in Hollywood.”

But Grammer said he doesn’t believe that’s the case.

“Do I believe it’s possible that some young person, young voting actor—or even older voting member for the Emmys — would sit there and go, ‘Yeah, that’s a great performance, but oooooooh, I just hate everything he stands for’?” he said.

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Johnny Van Zant On Team Romney

Right after Mitt Romney was asked to stop using the  Silversun Pickups’ track “Panic Switch” on the campaign trail, he gained an endorsement from Lynyrd Skynyrd front man, Johnny Van Zant, POLITICO reports.

Van Zant said he isn’t a fan of President Obama’s policies.

“His whole platform was change, change. Well, very little has changed I know for the people that are our fans,” Van Zant said. “As far as I’m concerned, I’ve heard the president go we’re asking the rich to take a little bit more in taxes. Well, that’s not asking, that’s telling. I still believe in the trickle-down effect.”

Lynyrd Skynyrd is set to perform at the Republican National Convention at the end of August.

He said the next president needs to restore the country.

“I hope whoever wins come November, whether it be Romney, or [Obama], they put this country back on track,” Van Zant said. “I did not vote for President Obama … now he’s the president of the United States. Whatever happens we have to support him. We have to be good Americans and stand by our president.”

The singer recently got behind Florida Republican Ted Yoho, who upset current Rep. Cliff Stearns in a primary on Tuesday.

The former democrat was inspired by President Ronald Reagan.

“I loved Ronald Reagan,” Van Zant said. “I believed in what he was saying. I believed that he was going to take care of national security and as far as I’m concerned I think he’s one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had. I hope whoever wins in November does as good a job.”


Jesse Eisenberg: Obama Understands World

Actor Jesse Eisenberg said in a new post on 90 Days, 90 Reasons, that President Obama’s worldly travels and experiences give him a better understanding of how the rest of the world is.

“I’m traveling through Mongolia and currently staying in a yurt. This was not by choice; I’m with persuasive friends. If it were up to me I’d never leave my apartment and, more specifically, the bedroom area. But my comforts have given me a nagging sense of discomfort. I think traveling and seeing how other people live, even if I’m not totally immersing myself, assuages some of my unease because it re-sensitizes me to the difficulties and existential inconveniences that most other people face. In this way, I think Barack Obama is a good leader for our diverse country because he’s seen how the world lives. It doesn’t take a lot to realize that seeing the world forces you to interact with it in a different way and I know that I feel more comfortable being represented by someone who’s seen it.”

PHOTOS: Michelle Obama and Gwen Stefani At Fundraiser

Below: Singer Gwen Stefani introducing First Lady Michelle Obama at a fundraiser at her Beverly Hills home August 12.

Michelle Obama Hits Up Beverly Hills Fundraisers

First Lady Michelle Obama spent her Sunday raising money for the Obama campaign in Beverly Hills.

Early Sunday afternoon, the First Lady attended a reception at singer Gwen Stefani‘s house. Guests included designer/socialite Nicole Richie and husband/rocker Joel Madden, actor Jeffrey Tambor and actress Alyson Hannigan, according to Deadline.

Deadline reported that a campaign official said tickets started at $2,500 for a family of four and estimated 400 guests were expected. Funds raised at the events benefit the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee of Obama for America, the Democratic National Committee and several state Democratic parties.

Later in the evening, Michelle Obama attended an event at Warner Bros chief Barry Meyer and his wife Wendy’s house. Deadline sources reported E! talk show host Chelsea Hander, director Rob Reiner and producer Chuck Lorre were among the 150 guests that attended the event.

Other industry guests at the event included Warner Bros Pictures Group president and Office Of The President Jeff Robinov, Warner Bros Home Entertainment Group president and Office of the President Kevin Tsujihara, Warner Bros Television president Peter Roth, Warner Bros Domestic Television Distribution president Ken Werner, CAA co-owner Kevin Huvane, New Line Cinema president Toby Emmerich, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos and DreamWorks Animation chief marketing officer Anne Globe, according to Deadline.

Tickets for the event ranged from $2,500 to $25,000.