Eva Longoria: Obama Over Romney


Actress Eva Longoria, a high-profile backer of the president, says that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney offer “two fundamentally different ideologies” to the American people.

During a Tuesday morning appearance on “Fox and Friends,” Longoria said she was happy to help Obama’s re-election campaign and has focused on reaching “the Latino community and the women’s community, because I find the policies being made in Washington disproportionately affect those communities.”

Asked about voters who might turn their backs on Obama after supporting him in 2004, Longoria had this to say: look at Romney’s record.

“What I fear is voter apathy as opposed to, ‘I’m disappointed so I’m just not going to vote for him,’” she said. “Really look at the candidates. If you like what Mitt has to offer and you think he has a better plan, really, it’s just about two different choices. Two fundamentally different ideologies.”

Longoria also said there was “great turnout” at a fundraiser she held for Obama in San Antonio last week.

And hosting a fundraiser has its perks.

“I got to ride in the motorcade, which was a lot of fun,” Longoria said. But not even a movie star gets to ride with the president: Longoria rode in a van.      “”


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