Chelsea Handler: Republican Party Not Welcoming to Young People

Comedian Chelsea Handler didn’t hold back during a recent interview with Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain.

“I like you too,” Handler said of McCain. “I don’t hate all Republicans, just most of them.”

Handler said she liked McCain because she’s more of a social liberal, supporting gay marriage and marijuana legalization.

Handler pointed out the troubles the Republican Party has had with the youth vote.

“The problem with the Republican party is they seem so dated, I know you’ve talked about this,” Handler said. “It doesn’t feel like welcoming to young people, so that’s what’s great about you speaking out for republicans because you are young and you are a little bit more fresh, I would say.”

McCain asked Handler to tell the “right-wing” people, who often criticized her as a Republican In Name Only (RINO), that they should listen to her to refresh the party’s image.

“I can’t tell those right-wing crazy people anything, I mean, you think they’re going to listen to me?” Handler joked. “They probably have voodoo dolls of me everywhere.”


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