Oliver Stone: Ron Paul or Obama Over Romney

Director Oliver Stone has always had a political opinion. Whether he demonstrates it in his films or in the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter, he’s never afraid to state what he thinks.

During the interview about his career and latest film, Savages, Stone acknowledges the tough road President Obama has had to travel during his first term, but is interested in Ron Paul.

“I like Ron Paul’s magnetism, his decency, his honor and his foreign policy,” Stone said. “Obama’s doing his best. He’s got his problems, and I think he made certain promises he hasn’t kept. Obama has carried on the Bush war on terror and has not addressed all the things he promised he would do to curtail the hype and fear that per- vade this country.”

Although he’s not overly-excited about Obama’s policies, Stone said it’s better than the alternative.

“It’s hard for me to vote Republican.” When asked about Mitt Romney, Stone replied, “I’m not going to vote for that idiot.”


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