Singer Morrissey: Obama Is A “Simple Set of Teeth”

British singer Morrissey once praised Obama and was enthused by the presidential candidate in 2008.

Four years later, the singer has lost his “hope” for the president and expressed his cynical views on the president with MSN’s JuiceOnline:

What would be the current social issues that you pay close attention to now, and do these issues inspire your songwriting these days?

“Like many people I’m currently preoccupied with Syria, and at the uselessness of the United Nations… who don’t appear to unite any nations. But whether it’s Assad in Syria, or the British so-called royals, all world leaders are dictatorships, and from what we’ve seen in the middle east, they will all not hesitate to turn the tanks onto their own people should anyone question their morality….People everywhere have lost faith in politics, and rightly so. Something different needs to happen. I think we were all initially swept along with the Obama win, but he’s proven to be simply a set of teeth, and useless in every other regard. Time and time again we see the same scenario whereby political figures only see the public as electorate, and once anyone is elected they appear to hate the people.”


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