Martin Short Mocks GOP Candidates

Actor/Comedian Martin Short mocked the GOP presidential contenders and pundits on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday.

“I mean, 2008 was the most exciting,” Short said. “I mean, the Democrats had a, first time, a black man at the top of the ticket, and the Republicans had a vice presidential choice, a woman who had never met a black man.”

Short took jabs at Santorum and Bachmann for some of their tactics and comments during the primary season.

“You know, I’m Catholic – well, Hollywood Catholic,” Short said. “You know, we’re looking for a God-type. But Rick Santorum is a crazy Catholic. Even Mel Gibson’s father thinks he’s nuts. Every time he won a primary, a puff of white smoke would go up. It’s just insane.”

“I always feel that the only difference between Michele Bachmann and the Taliban is the Taliban don’t marry their beards,” Short joked. “… And she was not bright enough to be President, don’t you agree? She thinks ‘soy milk’ is Spanish for ‘I am milk.’ This is not someone who should be, she’s just not, hey, I did some writin’ for this show.”

Watch the interview here:


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