Jackson Browne Disappointed in Obama

Singer and renowned liberal, Jackson Browne revealed President Obama hasn’t lived up to his expectations in a new article for The Wrap.

When asked if he was going to be involved with any presidential campaigns, Browne said he would not, but he’s very interested in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

“I’m very interested in what people do individually and in groups, and it wouldn’t and shouldn’t be a fucking surprise to anybody that I’m going to vote for Obama — but honestly Obama once again has joined the ranks of the lesser of two evils,” Browne said. “The great parade of people that the progressives get to vote for who are the lesser of two evils and who don’t really represent what I believe in any overwhelming balance.”

Browne said he was disappointed in Obama’s energy stance and isn’t going to be raising money for the president.

“Look, Obama told me in a personal conversation that he wasn’t up for any new (nuclear) plants,” Browne said. “Obviously, he changed his mind at some point. But what a surprise that one of his main supporters is the energy company, Exelon — which has nuclear plants — and that he would suddenly change his policy.”

I don’t know what we would expect. He’s just as a beholden to the people who put him in office as any of the Republicans would be. But what’s a mystery to me is how he installed pretty much the exact same infrastructure in his administration that deals with finances as the administration that we thought we voted out. That’s really a shocker.

It’s a game of chicken. So I’m not going to participate. Every day it’s like a fever. Like, ‘Oh  my God, if we don’t have $27,000 by tonight the DCC won’t think we’re being effective.’ I mean I’m sorry, I can’t.”

Browne revealed he jumped back and forth between Obama and John Edwards during the 2008 primary.

“Actually I supported Obama, then John Edwards,” Browne said. “His issues and his approach, his policies seemed to be better on poverty and on nuclear power; he published a pamphlet about what exactly he would do. Obama didn’t tell anyone what he would do or what he wouldn’t do, basically. He played that very close to the chest.

But apart from John Edwards’s suitability — his presumed suitability — as a leader, his policy made more sense to me, and he was willing to say what he would do. And I did campaign for him. And when he wasn’t the candidate I went back to supporting Obama.”


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