Romney Fundraises in Beverly Hills

GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has attempted to court Hollywood as President Obama has.

Around 400 people attended a campaign fundraiser Thursday night at the Beverly Hills Hotel. However, there was one very important Hollywood aspect missing: the Hollywood A-listers, the Los Angeles Times reports.

There was no George Clooneys, Will Smiths or Reese Witherspoons. However, actors Jon Voight and Scott Baio were among those in attendance. Both actors have been outspoken conservatives in Hollywood over the years. A rarity in a town so heavily dominated by liberal entertainers.

Voight wrote a critical open letter to the president in 2010, accusing him of having betrayed Israel and “promoted anti-Semitism throughout the world.”

Romney said there has been a lot of support from the liberal town.

“There’s people I know who have gone against the tide to support me in this effort, getting on my bandwagon very early, even some Hollywood folks,” Romney said.

Tickets to the event ranged from $2,500 to $50,000.

Both campaigns are expected to return to Beverly Hills in upcoming months for more fundraising events.

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