A Look Back at the “Pledge”

Four years ago, a plethora Hollywood actors, singers and entertainers took a “pledge” to help support President Obama in his first term.

Many on the right called it a form of propaganda by the Obama Administration in order to influence younger Americans by including some of the most famous celebrities and painting Obama as the president that could unite the country as a whole. Some also thought it was just another video of celebrities jumping on their soapboxes and advocating not only for the president, but also their own causes and projects.

Others argued it was a video that inspired others to change the way they think or act in order to make the country and world a better place. For example, being more environmentally friendly, finding cures for diseases and ending child sex-slavery.

As the campaign season heats up and many of the same celebrities are jumping back into the spotlight in support for Obama, watch this video and see if these same people helped fulfill their pledge.

What do you think? Is this video some sort of propaganda put out by the Obama Administration? Or is this a video of excitement and “hope” for the future with the new administration?

One response to “A Look Back at the “Pledge”

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