Glee’s Colfer Praises Obama on Same-Sex Marriage

As many in America ponder whether or not President Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage was a political tactic, many Hollywood celebrities are praising the president’s move.

Glee’s Chris Colfer applauded Obama on HLN.

“I was ecstatic at the president’s announcement, just was so excited,” Colfer, who plays a gay student on the show, said. “I think right now people, like, they kind of have a choice to be on the wrong or the right side of history. And I’m glad he’s on the right [side].”

Colfer also said that the Glee cast is “really, really spoiled because we’re on a show that really does so much for people who don’t have anyone else to look up to or compare their lives to.”

Glee co-creater Ryan Murphy announced he would host a fundraiser for Obama last week, after the president announced he was in support for same-sex marriage.


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